Business Services

The following Pampered Business Services may be given while business meetings are in progress, as employees continue working at their workspaces, or during meeting breaks. All services are performed in a non-disruptive manner and can last 5-30 minutes.
Neck & Shoulder Massage
Complaints of neck and shoulder tension are common as Employees challenge the muscles that keep them upright. Poor posture and long periods of standing or sitting cause tension. Massage helps lengthen muscles in the neck and shoulder area, so tension is substantially reduced or often eliminated, allowing your Employees to focus on their jobs rather than their tension.
Scalp Massage
The strained muscles of the head and temples and tiny muscles of the scalp are massaged. This treatment melts tension away and restores mental energy and clarity.
Hand/Wrist/Forearm Massage
The hands, wrists, and forearms are prone to repetitive motion injuries, especially when Employees commonly work on computers and perform repetitive tasks. Massage can prevent muscles from tensing, which may impinge delicate nerves in these areas.
Chair Massage
A portable massage chair allows your Employees to be seated and fully clothed as the back, neck, and shoulders are the focus of this treatment. A boost of energy follows.
$1 per minute, plus flat rate based on travel and group size.

Business Solutions

DOTS (DaySpring Omits Tension & Stress)

Reward your Employees with DOTS -- points that your Employees accumulate over time for reaching established Company goals and eventually redeemed for services selected from DaySpring Health Spa's menu of services. This custom-designed incentive program promotes healthy lifestyles and stress reduction.


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A personal and easy gift for ANYONE SPECIAL. You choose the dollar amount, so that special someone can select their own spa service and schedule a visit at their convenience. Purchase by clicking on the "Gift Certificate" tab at the top of the page. You may also visit us or call the spa at 715-849-3772.