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Virtually all people, including great leaders, get stuck in life from time to time.  We may know where we ultimately want to go, but struggle to determine the next best step to take in order to get there.  It's not that the steps ahead of us are necessarily difficult, we simply need to see them from a new perspective.  This is where life coaching and leadership training is beneficial.
​The purpose of a life coach is to help a person identify their next step and encourage them to pursue it.  A life coach asks effective, thought-provoking questions to help individuals self-reflect and see things from a different point-of-view.  An effective life coach helps people discover obstacles, challenges and opportunities so they can define a course of action that's right for them.   Once a step is determined, a life coach encourages individuals to implement that step in order to move one step closer toward their personal desires and goals.
​If you would like to continue leading yourself well and could use some encouragement identifying next steps that could help you reach your goals, please contact me to set up a coaching or leadership session that's best for you.

​Forward progress is seen by people who act on their good intentions.
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Differences Between Coaching and Counseling


  • Focuses on the present and the future; not much on the past
  • Asks probing questions to help clients find answers for themselves
  • Helps clients “discover
  • Clients are in a healthy mental and emotional state
  • Motivates people to move from where they are to where they want to be
  • Helps clients identify the challenges and then works in partnership with clients to obtain their goals
  • Progress is typically more rapid and enjoyable
  • Primary Focus:
    • Define goals
    • Help formulate a plan utilizing the client’s skills
    • Help clients be accountable for their own progress
    • Provide structure, encouragement, and support


  • Focuses more on the past as they consider the future
  • Tells or advises clients of their next steps
  • Helps clients “uncover and recover
  • Clients may be in an unhealthy mental or emotional state
  • Helps people move from a state of dysfunction to one of being functional
  • Diagnoses and provides professional expertise and guidelines
  • Progress may be slower and be a more painful process


One Hour Session
An additional half hour - $40
45-Minute Session
30-Minute Session
Note: Only available if a client has already met with the LeadHer UP, LLC coach for at least (1) one-hour session


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